Tech Tip Thursday #25

3D Printing in the Classroom

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3D Printing in the Classroom, Fad or Here to Stay?

3D Printing has actually been around for about 25 years. But, it has become the talk in the schools in the past 3 years. Why? Cost has drastically gone down and teachers have seen how easy they are to use and ways they can be implemented in the classroom. Two years ago, I had the opportunity to see a 3D Printer in action and my mind went crazy on the possibilities for kids to create. Here are some resources to get you started!
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3D Printers I Like

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3Doodler 2.0 Launch Video - The World's First 3D Printing Pen, Reinvented (Official)

Tonia McMillan, Technology Coordinator

Want to learn more and get a 3D Printer? Come to my session at the HSTI Preconference. Go to this link to sign up! My Session number is #1213. See you there!