Ender's Game

by Orson Scott Card

What is Ender's Game?

Ender's Game is a science fiction book where the main character, Ender, who is 6 years old and a smart boy who is afraid of being violent like his brother and has mental conflict about who he is, is one of the few people sent to battle school. At battle school he learns how to fight and learns about the hardships of war as he uncovers dark secrets about the military. He makes friends, but is victim to betrayal and loses many friends to "the game". The game is a zero gravity battle simulation, and when you get hit by someone's laser, you get frozen for the remainder of the game. He is quickly one of the best people in the game, and the commanders of the school keep stacking the odds against them, and he is getting increasingly stressed, and as he learns about the propaganda and lies that the military is telling them. My favorite part is when Ender gets promoted to command school by Comander Graff. Usually, if you manage to make it all the way through battle school without dropping out, you get sent to command school at the age of 16. Making it to command school is INCREDIBLY hard. Ender is eleven when he gets a message saying that he is being sent to go to command school, and little did he know, he is humanities last hope against the third invasion...
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In Conclusion...

Read it!!! It is a great book! I give it a 10/10.


I am a big reader, and i read a lot. I don't judge books easily, because I know what makes a good book good, and this classifies as a GREAT book in my eyes! I think you should read this book because me and many others have read and enjoyed it. Amazon gives the book a four and a half stars!


With books about an apocalypse becoming more and more popular (The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Fifth Wave) and this being written in 1985, it only makes sense that you read it. This is one of the first books made in the ever growing more popular dystopian sci-fi genre, so you should read it. It has really good ratings, so you should also read it because other people say it's good. It's so popular it became a movie!
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Ender has his tracker taken off of him one day, so the militia isn't watching him anymore. Because of this, his bully, Stilson, decides too attack him. Ender defends him self and ends up seriously hurting Stilson, even though he didn't mean to. Ender has struggles emotionaly with himself, because he doesn't knjow who he is. His brother, Peter, is crazy, and threatens to kill Ender multiple times. Ender is instantly a target for bullying when he arrives at battle school. Ender loses friends and makes new ones as he finds out who really has his back. Read the book to join Ender on his enticing, emotional journey on his quest through battle school!