The golden age of

The golden age of greece left behind relics and history that we used to advance our culture and buildings.

The golden age of greece left a cultural impact on us including the way we make monuments. such as the way they made monuments after there gods to remember them and to make them rememberd through history, we copy them and many monuments have arisen around america because of it.such as the lincoln memorial wich is probably the most known monument created in america to date. considering its very close to the whitehouse, americas center of intelligence and its museums of history.Another thing ancient greece is known for other than architexture is there market. it was a great idea we still use today in wich merchants could come trade and or sell there merchandise for others or money.A third thing greece is known for till this day is its expansion on entertainment. they created plays and music that were beautiful and inspired so many musicians and pianists and writers.

Another thing greece had that inspired us today other than music. Is its philosophers. who the most infulential in my opinion were socrates plato and aristotle.

Socrates was probably the most influential and most known philosopher from ancient greece. he was so influential in fact that they call the times before him pre socrates when your talking about philosophy. one of his famous quotes is "wisdom begins with wonder". aristotle is another famous ancient greek philosopher. one of my favorite quotes by him is "you will never do anything in this world withought courage. it is the greatest quality of mind besides honor" the last greek philosopher i think is very influential is plato. my favorite of his quotes is "i am the wisest man alive. for i know one thing. and that is i know nothing"