Fred Dalton Brooks

serving a life sentence .

Overview of his incarceration

Brooks is serving a life sentence and has a criminal history that includes convictions for, but not limited to, murder, kidnapping and escape. In January 2014, Brooks was serving a life sentence in Mississippi for his role in killing a state trooper. But he escaped from the Mississippi prison system when he escaped from a hospital he was sent to to receive medical treatment. After he escaped, he went to Georgia where he was captured and put into the Georgia prison system for some crimes he committed in Georgia before he got to Mississippi. One of these crimes was that he confessed to an unsolved DeKalb County Murders that happened in 1976. So he was put in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison in Jackson, Georgia.

Prison facts

Opened in 1963, The Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison serves as a central hub where sentenced felons begin the process of being admitted into the Georgia State Correctional System. Numerous county jails are paid by the state to house sentenced felons until space becomes available in the prison system. Sentenced felons may spend years in local jails until housing space becomes available in the state prison system. While at GDCP, inmates are either in the process of being classified and tested, or they are assigned as a "permanent." Those inmates who are 'permanents' will serve their entire sentence at the GDCP, while the remainder of inmates will be tested and then moved to other prisons based on their classifications.
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The Actual Lawsuit

On Sep. 3, A team of University of Georgia law students convinced a federal appeals court panel to reinstate a lawsuit brought by a Georgia prisoner against a Georgia prison and hospital. Fred Dalton Brooks had accused corrections officers of laughing as he lay in his own waste for two days while receiving medical attention after a prison riot. forcing a prisoner to sit in his/her own feces over a two-day period while chained in a hospital bed creates an obvious health risk and is a complete act of disrespect to human dignity . Judge Stanly Marcus wrote that, because Fred Dalton Brooks wasn’t physically injured from the hospital stay, he can seek only nominal damages, But the professors at University of Georgia Law School and the Law Students decided to try to get the lawsuit going again and succeeded. The decision sends the case back to the district court for discovery and a possible trial. So right now the decision and the dollar amount are unknown.

Location- Jackson, Georgia, USA

Status- Operational

Security class- Maximum Security / Death Row

Capacity- 2300

Population- Adult Male Felons - 2,238 Inmates - 5.67% of state prison population.

Opened- 1968

Governor- Nathan Deal

Warden- Bruce Chatman

Hard Time - Maximum Security