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May 22, 2013

Summer is Right Around the Corner

Please read through all of the information below. We have a great deal of information for you regarding this summer, the PLS, and upcoming changes.

Email Changes are Coming

•Move from D2L email to Gmail will occur this week

•Teacher email addresses will not change

•There will still be a link on the GAVS homepage from which teachers can navigate to email

•They will also be able to access email from the GAVS Google Partner Page

•This transition will likely take up to a week so for the time being teachers will need to check email in both places

* Please note that D2L contacts will not transfer over to Gmail

Summer Course Dates

•Summer teachers should already have courses set up (with exception of MS courses)

•Wednesday, May 29: Summer Courses Checked

•Friday, May 31: Course Corrections Complete

•Monday, June 3: Beginning of 6 Week Schedule

•Monday, June 10: Beginning of 5 Week Schedule

Reminders for Summer Teachers

* Remember that summer semester moves quickly so get as much done ahead of time as possible (news announcements, welcome contacts, etc)

* Continue to check registration daily and contact new students/parents

* Teachers are required to hold TWO Adobe sessions per week. One of these can be a help session and the other should be a planned lesson.

* Be sure to grade DAILY. Teachers should enter 0s each evening.

* Late policy is: 1 day late -25%, 2 days late -50%, no work accepted after 2 days late.

* Teachers should post announcements daily.

* Be sure that all students get enrolled in a group. When the 5 week session starts, be sure everyone is in a group.

* Contact parents of failing students immediately when grade falls below passing, and weekly after.

* Send course updates WEEKLY. Be sure to BCC courseupdates.

Special Needs and Summer Classes

•SpEd students who receive time extensions will receive a standing two day extension

•Ex. Assignment was due on Tuesday, student will have until Thursday at midnight to submit without late penalty

•This will be explained to teachers on the paperwork that they receive from our SpEd department

Summer PLS update from Teacher Quality

Please checkout the following website and download the App for your smartphone prior to the PLS. Thanks and see everyone in June.


PLS Hotel

•Please go ahead and book your room at the Foundry Park Inn

–Special rate expires on May 24th

•PLS dates: Thursday, June 20th - Friday, June 21st

•Rate/Night: $91.00

http://GAVS Georgia Department of Education ebooking link

Summer Faculty Meeting

If you were not there, we missed you at the faculty meeting Tuesday night! If you are teaching this summer, please listen to the recording of the meeting, and let your respective DC know once you have done so.


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