School Timeline

By Nic Smith


I started kindergarten in 2004, where I learned to do pretty much everything I do academically now. I could read faster than anyone else.

First Grade

I had an evil teacher who only cared to gripe at my friends and I. However, she got along fine with the one troublemaker in the class. This year was when we started making collages and whatnot, along with when I started a Gifted and Talented class (I think? I don't know, I was six.)

Second Grade

I probably got in trouble more during second grade than any other. We also started going on more field trips and playing computer games.

Third Grade

I really enjoyed third grade because I was in a new school for the first time. Oh, and a ton of field trips. We didn't ever do anything particularly noteworthy until the next year.

Fourth Grade

I got into quite a bit of trouble here too. Mostly, that was because the teachers at the time were ridiculous. Anyway, we took a one-day field trip to Austin that year. A busload of fourth graders on an hours-long ride is always fun.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade was a huge year because I was at the top of the food chain again, looking down upon the younger grades. We were also in a huge (to me, at the time) brand new school. Now that I think about it, I got into trouble a lot up until high school.

Sixth Grade

Ah, sixth grade. The first year of middle school. Actually changing classes was nice. Now I didn't have to put up with one teacher all day for the whole year. My last year of PE was in sixth grade. Also, my Gifted and Talented group activities didn't carry over into middle school. That was probably the most disappointing thing of all.

Seventh Grade

In seventh grade I started football. Before I started, I didn't really want to play. Now, it's pretty much all I care about. I also got into my last fight. That's kind of upsetting though because I really like fighting.

Eigth Grade

Pretty interesting year, really. Second year of football, gold medal in powerlifting, finally about to be in high school. Top of the food chain for the last time for a long time. Plenty of dating opportunities, all of which I ignored. At that time I didn't see a point in dating if you don't have your own car. Honestly, I still don't.

Freshman Year

Whoop whoop. Let's see, so far in my freshman year I've been a beast at football although playing for a losing team. I've had multiple senior girls flirt with me, which is always fun. I've taken my bench press and power clean past the 200 mark, and squat past 300. I'm writing a school career summary as well. Pretty good year.