Diamond Falls!

Soufriere, Soufriere District, St Lucia

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Why Is This Such A Cool Feature?

Diamond Falls waters have minerals in its stream from rainwater mixed with some bits of volcano giving it a colorful look. It is the most colorful waterfall in the Caribbean. The rock behind the water also seems to change color with the water as it flows.

What Can The People Do?

The people can not swim in under the waterfall, because of some acid in the waterfall, but you can take a mineral bath from the water. Many people believe the sulfur rich water heals and refreshes you.

Where Is This Located and Where is the Water From?

This is located in St. Lucia in the Diamond Falls Botanical Garden. In the attraction there are mineral baths, a botanical garden, a nature trail, and a restaurant, and of course the most popular physical feature, the Diamond Falls Waterfall. Its water comes from the nearby Sulfur Springs. the worlds only volcano where you can drive right up to the bubbling hot pools.