2015 - 2016 Professional Growth

Kelly Gardner

Planning, Teaching, and Learning

This Year's PD...

This year has been a little different on the professional growth platform. While I did attend many sessions, a great deal of time was spent this year in planning and delivering PD sessions. I was able to work with colleagues on several projects, which ended up teaching me just as much, if not more than simply attending sessions alone.

GaVS PLS - Spring 2016

March - April Planning & Delivery

Poster Sessions
I spent March and April working on the GaVS PLS sessions for which I was a co-presenter. I teamed up with Carrie Madden & Mallory Kirkland for two different poster sessions! We presented: "Top Ten Time Management Tips" & "Excelling in Surveys".

In the time management presentation, we discussed how to use time most effectively and get work done on time! We had many teachers stop and inquire, which led to discussions. These discussions not only allowed us time to share, but also prompted us to think more about our own techniques - A win on both sides!

The surveys presentation detailed ways to create MS Excel surveys and multiple uses for them. Though several people stopped because they thought it was discussing student surveys, they all stayed to hear more about our topic. I was surprised to hear that many do not use Excel surveys for their courses/work. I have found several ways to use surveys including: polling students, checking for understanding, and organizing my own information. This was a great conversation between colleagues.

Rotating Sessions
Carrie Madden and I worked together on a Time Management session in which we rotated through each department and presented our information. As expected, we ran out of time in every session...a testament to good time management! On a more serious note, Carrie and I presented many ways to streamline productivity for the online teacher. We had great participation from the departments. We used methods like "vote with your feet" and "post it walls" to get teachers moving around and interacting with one another. This allowed teachers to see where other teachers fell in regards to their own time management. Sometimes it helps to know you aren't in a boat all alone! This ended up being a great way to evaluate my own time management strategies, as well as share information with others.


My favorite part of this year's PD was all of the collaborating I was able to do! I was able to work with many wonderful colleagues and stellar instructors. It is always more fun to work as a team!