Spring 2022

This Online Meeting is available for parent approval April 12th-April 15th

Ringgold Middle School values parents and other members of the community as stakeholders in the education of students.

If you cannot make the in-house meeting on 4/14/2022 at 9 a.m. in the 7th Grade Workroom, please review this online meeting made available to all our Tiger parents.

Thank you

Amy Blankenship


Parent Coordinator


Welcome. Please read throughout the ONLINE SPRING PARENT ADVISORY MEETING. In this presentation, you will be guided to click links for additional information. Please sign your name in the google form link provided at the top of the online meeting informing RMS you attended the meeting.

Purpose for Meeting

-Discuss collected yearly input regarding school policy and compacts

-Approve school policy for next school year based on collected input

  • Plan of Action-2022-2023 School year

  • School Improvement Plan (at a Glance 2022-2023 need input)

  • Review and Discuss Title I Spring Survey Results LMS and District

  • Title I Budget (at a Glance for 2022-2023 need Input )

  • Review school testing, benchmark data, & dates for Milestones (April)

  • Review, Revise, and Agree Upon Ringgold Middle School Parent Involvement Policy

  • Spring District DAC

-District policy/input (Please review the CCPS District Parent Engagement Policy add any suggestions to the Survey )

**Title I Spending-Welcome Comments and Suggestions. Please comment on the Survey at the top of this presentation.

  • Questions / Suggestions /Feedback (In Survey/sign-in sheet link at the bottom of the presentation)

  • Input from parents to teachers & Input on compacts for 2022-2023 (In the Survey/sign-in sheet link at the bottom of the presentation)

  • PAC evaluation survey

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Tiger Parents!

Thank you for completing the Spring Survey. Click below to view the results.

RMS Title 1 Spring Survey Results

Please Review The Spring Survey Results

School testing and benchmark data

Milestones Testing is April 25th-29th

6th & 7th grade is Math, ELA, Writing (April 25th-27th)

8th Grade is Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies

(April 25-29th)

Scores are received in the Summer


What is Title I ?

In support of strengthening student academic achievement, Ringgold Middle School receives Title I, Part A funds and therefore must jointly develop with, agree with, and distribute to parents and family members of participating children a written parent and family engagement policy that contains information required by section 1116(b) and (c) of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The policy establishes the school's expectations for parent and family engagement and describes how the school will implement a number of specific parent and family engagement activities

Please review the Drafted Policy in the link below. (Your input for the RMS 2022-2023 Parent Engagement Policy will be asked in the Survey at the end of the online meeting)

CCPS DISTRICT Survey Results and Parent Engagement Policy

Click here to review the CCPS Drafted Parent Engagement Policy

Click here for translated policies

Please review the proposed/drafted Catoosa County District Parent Engagement Policy. You can approve/disprove and give input on the parent Spring Pac survey.

Please review the CCPS District Title I survey results

Click here to view the CCPS Survey Results

Teacher, Parent, Student Title I Compacts

What Other guidelines or information would you like to see new for the 2022-2023 School Year Family Compacts?

6th Grade Click Here

7th Grade Click Here

8th Grade Click Here


Parent Input for Compacts included on the survey

Contact Amy Blankenship