Ethics Examples -09/30/16

Jennifer vega

Unified police officer caught doing good deed

unified police officer caught doing good deed

This officer named Cody Miskin is known to be a helpful officer . he likes to do good deeds by helping people out. Cody loves helping people and loves seeing smiles on people's face. he helped out a woman that had a flat tire withoout asking and inforative person he did it to be a good person and like he said, doing his job. This story is nice . officer Cody did the right thing.
Christmas Surprise Traffic Stop with Lowell Police

Christmas Suprise

this story made my day omg. officer Lowel decided to make people in his community dreams come true. He became the traffic stop miracle. He stopped people to have an 15 min window and ask them what they desired this Christmas. during that time he got, he had people working with him to buy those Christmas present.
Filipino Traffic Cop Doing His Job Like A Boss

traffic cop

this cop is doing a good job . he's there to do his job and nothing more. some cops are really committed to their job without being labelled bad or good cop.

Hard work gets rewarded

this story is so nice to hear. a man named Sammuel that sleeps outside . The police was called because he looked suspicious. oficer zack heard his story about how Sammuel walks 5 to 6 hours to keep his job. officer Zack gave Sammuel a ride to work and a half hour later gave him a bicycle .

cop fired for negligance

He left alone a man that needed help. Even though the victum didnt ask for help it was clear that he was disabled . He helped him get home but then just drove away knowing he was hurt. i believe if he knew this 55 year old needed help he could of have called the police.

shaky Deputy

Because of the private investigator was black, he got a gun pointed at him without a good reason , and was nervous as approaching the private investigator that was doing nothing bad but just working in his car.

metro officer

metro officers claimed Darrel was trespassing . metro Police depoartment chief viewed footage and saw that officer Warren was using excessive force. Darrel was sitting on the train platform at 7:am when they approached him.


Courtney is in jail for vehicular manslaughter and is put in solitary confinement because of his thoughts of suicide, then he sent a letter to his mom saying he got rapped by a guard. they put him in a restriction chair and beat him even after they put him in it. He got moved to a mental hospital and on his way out the guard just smiled at him.


Miami police department sent swat team to surround African-American Charles Kinsey, who was trying to help an autistic man “armed” with a toy car. Police shot Kinsey in the leg, although video showed him lying on the ground with his hands up. If he was cooperating with the police then there shouldn't be a reason for them to do all of that.