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Principal's Message - Oct. 28th (English)

Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Even though I got to see some fantastic kids at Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy, I missed seeing all of our wonderful kiddos. I am happy to be back. I trust that everyone has had the opportunity to review their child's progress report. I just want to remind you that, if you have any questions or concerns about your child's progress, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher directly. We are all a part of a critical team, focused on success in all areas of each student's life (spiritual, academic, social-emotional, etc.). We need everyone to work together to do the best we can for these kids during the many hours each day that they are in our care. Also, don't forgive to say prayers for our teachers and thank them for all they do!

Have a wonderful week!

Katie Dempsey



Important Reminders for this Week!!

  • Picture Day is TODAY!
  • Thursday - Join us for All School Mass at 9 am.
  • Thursday - KG field trip to the pumpkin patch.
  • Spirit Gear on Friday - Teachers will indicate eligibility to students.

Upcoming Events:

  • Mon, Nov. 2nd begins adult Spanish classes from 5:30 pm - 7 pm at the school.
  • Sat, Nov. 7th is the Hispanic Heritage Festival from 6 pm - 8 pm in the auditorium.

Volunteers Needed!!

Babysitting During Spanish Classes:

2 Adults are needed to babysit children during the adult Spanish classes on Mondays from 5:30 pm - 7 pm beginning Nov. 2nd. If you can commit to helping with this and have already been cleared through Virtus/Safe Environment (and completed your background check), please contact Berenice at office@hrrsjda.org.

Teacher Luncheon - Meals Needed:

If you would like to bring a dish for the teachers to enjoy during lunch on the two half days, Nov 23rd and 24th, please contact our Social Chairs Rosalind Arango at rosalindarango@gmail.com or Gloria Soto at gomezrsoto@aol.com. Lunch will be from 12:15 - 1 pm, followed by conferences until 5 pm.

Book Fair:

The Book Fair will be held on the Conference half days (Nov 23rd & 24th). If you would like to help with this event, please contact Natalie Scott at nscott@hrrsjda.org.

Thank You to our Volunteers!!

Recently, our school has been swarming with volunteers. The reality of our school is that we could not fulfill our mission if it wasn't for an amazingly dedicated group of families.

  • The testing team of Anssel, Betsy, Heather, Claudia, and Bridget undertook all of the Woodcock-Muñoz testing on new students and kindergartners. Thank you...we couldn't have done it without you!!
  • Everyday, a dedicated (and rotating) group of parents assists Lizbeth and Ericka in the kitchen to make sure that all of our kids have access to breakfast and lunch. For this, we thank you!!
  • The Halloween Carnival was a lot of fun for everyone. Something like this takes A LOT of work. Thank you to Nina Tatum for arranging this and to all of the crew who supported it by coming to set up, run events, and break-down/clean up after the event.
  • Picture Day takes a great deal of organization. Thank you to all of our volunteers who make this day run as smoothly as possible.
  • Hispanic Heritage Festival: This is one of our most popular events at Holy Rosary. A HUGE thanks to the many parents who work tirelessly to practice the dances, create the costumes, run the event, bring meals, and clean up after the event is all over. This is an outstanding event to behold!!

Curriculum Corner!!

ITBS Testing:

ITBS testing will conclude this week. After it is finished, we send off the testing materials to be scored and should have the results back in time for conferences, Nov. 23rd and 24th.

Woodcock-Muñoz Testing:
The tests will finish up this week on all new students and students in Kindergarten. We will share the information as soon as it is available.

Questions about Curriculum?

Please submit questions for the next Curriculum Corner to Dr. Yaden at BYaden@plu.edu.

Adult Spanish Classes Begin Nov. 2nd!!

Our adult Spanish classes will be held on Monday evenings beginning Nov. 2nd. They will be from 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm at Holy Rosary School. The fee is $20/month. Please RSVP if you are interested in attending. You can just send a note to office@hrrsjda.org or call the office at 253.272.7012. We hope to see you there!!

Missing Uniforms!

Just a reminder: Please check through your child's uniforms to make sure that they did not pick up someone else's item. We are missing sweaters and even a jumper.

Friday Spirit Gear - Reminder

This is just a reminder that Spirit Gear on Fridays is used as a reward for students who have a perfect week. The basic formula for this is perfect attendance, excellent behavior, and all work completed/turned in (including the Wed envelopes) on time. If we are not holding the kids accountable, then this reward loses it's impact. It is supposed to be a special treat each week. Many Catholic schools rarely (if ever) allow the kids to wear something besides uniforms, but we feel that it is a fun way to encourage the kids to do their best each week.

Upcoming Events!!

All Souls Mass

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 9am

520 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Join us for All Souls Mass at 9 am!!

Daylight Savings Time Ends!!

Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2am


Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour!!

Adult Spanish Classes Begin!

Monday, Nov. 2nd, 5:30-7pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

  • Classes will be held on Mondays
  • We are hoping to provide childcare, if we can get volunteers
  • Cost is $20/month
  • Contact Office@hrrsjda.org to sign up

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Pay to Dress!

Friday, Nov. 6th, 8am

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

$2.00 for "free dress" to support our orphans. Please make sure that all clothing choices are appropriate to wear at a Catholic school. Nothing short, tight, torn, low-cut, or tank tops, please.

Hispanic Heritage Festival

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 6-8pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

This is an amazing event with the niños and niñas performing wonderful dances and families bringing their favorite dishes from Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain! If you would like more information about the event, please contact Ms. Lizbeth at eduran@hrrsjda.org.

Parent-Teacher Conferences (Noon Dismissal)

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 1-5pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held from 1 pm - 5 pm on Monday and Tuesday.

The Book Fair will be held these days, too. Extended Care will be available. Please RSVP if you will need Extended Care these days.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences (Noon Dismissal)

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 1-5pm

504 South 30th Street

Tacoma, WA

Parent Teacher Conferences will be held from 1 pm - 5 pm on Monday and Tuesday.

The Book Fair will be held these days, too. Extended Care will be available. Please RSVP if you will need Extended Care these days.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.