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Skyview Upper Elementary School

Off to a TRRFCC start!

We were excited to welcome our students to Skyview this week! Our students participated in many orientation-type activities with their teams as well as team meetings about cafeteria and school procedures. Students also participated in our first Peaceful School Bus meetings. Check out this newsletter for more information!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Gorla, Principal

Dr. Gallagher Landis, Assistant Principal

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#CharacterCountsatSkyview #10yrsofTRRFCC

The six pillars of Character Counts are the foundation of all we do at Skyview. We believe in supporting our students as they learn and grow and that it is important that we help our students become respectful, responsible, contributing members of the community.

Trustworthiness is being honest, telling the truth, keeping promises. Trustworthy people don’t lie, cheat or steal, and they stand up for their beliefs even when it is difficult to do so.

Respect is showing others that they are valued for who they are, for their character, not what they look like or what they have. It means never insulting or making fun of others who are different in looks, ability, race or religion. A respectful person is polite.

Responsibility is doing what you are supposed to do. Responsible people think ahead, set reasonable goals, control their temper and always do their best. They don’t give up easily and they don’t blame others for their mistakes.

Fairness is playing by the rules, taking turns, sharing and listening to what others have to say. Fair people do not take advantage of others. They consider all sides before they decide, and they don’t blame other people for something they did not do.

Caring is being kind, helpful and generous to everyone. Caring people are unselfish. They are considerate and they think how their conduct affects others and how others feel. Caring people are charitable and forgiving, and they do well without expecting a reward.

Citizenship is doing your share to make your community a better place for everyone. Good citizens are also good neighbors. They cooperate with others, and obey laws and rules. They respect authority and protect the environment.

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Peaceful School Bus

We are starting an exciting new effort at our school called the Peaceful School Bus Program.This program will cut down on student behavior problems on our school buses. It will also create community and responsibility among students riding the bus.We hope this program will make your child’s experience on the bus easier and more enjoyable. Here is how the program works.Three times a year, students on the same school bus will meet together in our school building.They will get to know each other and learn how to act responsibly on the bus.

By seeing bus drivers, teachers, other school staff members, and parents/guardians working together, students will know that adults care about what happens on the school bus.As a parent/guardian, you have an important role in this program. If your child reports a problem on the bus to you, please let us know.We may also need to talk to you if your child’s behavior is a problem on the school bus.We are working to help students learn to be responsible members of their bus route group. Your help in educating your child about the program will be very important. To get started, please see the "SAFETY" bus rules below. Please read and talk about these rules with your child.

During our first ever Peaceful School Bus meetings today, students met in their bus groups and worked on a getting-to-know you activity. Meetings were facilitated by groups of Skyview teachers. This was followed by a review of bus rules. Students walked out to their bus together and bus drivers again reviewed these rules (which are posted in the bus):


Stay seated at all times; the driver may tell you where to sit.


Always respect others, the bus, and yourself.


Flinging things in or out of the bus is not allowed.


Eating, drinking, and smoking or vaping on the bus are not allowed.


Talk quietly; no hurtful words.


You are responsible for your actions.

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Student Agendas

Skyview students will be receiving homework agenda books! There was an issue with our supplier and we anticipate these arriving September 12th. We apologize for this and will work to get them to students as soon as they arrive in the building!

News from Skyview Home & School Association

Dear Skyview Parents:

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Skyview Home and School Association (SHSA) is a non-profit organization which sponsors a variety of programs that promote the educational and social development of Skyview students. These include class trips, special assemblies, teacher mini grants, Fun(read)-a-thon, 5th grade Science Fair, End of Year Event, and more! There are numerous opportunities to participate in events that serve the dual purpose of benefiting our school financially and engaging families socially to build school spirit.

As a parent/guardian of a Skyview student, you are an integral part of the Home & School Association ensuring the best possible experience for your child. All are encouraged to volunteer and all are welcome! In order to provide these opportunities for our children, SHSA runs two essential fundraisers. While your support is necessary to guarantee the success of these programs and fundraisers, there are no minimum participation requirements.

Sign up on by clicking Skyview and/or check the Home and School section of the Skyview website for more information about events and volunteer opportunities. The Methacton Volunteer Checklist and district mandated procedures can be found at

SHSA holds open meetings on alternating Thursday evenings and Friday mornings at the beginning of each month. Meeting dates and times are listed on the school calendar, Konstella, and in the Home and School section of Skyview’s website. All are encouraged to attend!

We look forward to working with you this coming school year and wish all Skyview families a fun and successful school year. Thank you for your support of our school!

Andrew Filshill President

Lauren Nonnemaker Vice President

Hemisha Ly Treasurer

Elizabeth Shen Recording Secretary

Laurie O'Neill Corresponding Secretary

Methacton Education Foundation Information - see flyer attached below!