Class Debate open to the public

We have been working on debateing for the past 5 weaks come


Our school is saving money to help go towards our after school programs this will help our students express them selves. this fundraiser will be going tours our Show Choir and Chess club these our the two clubs that have not had a fundraiser in this year and almost out of money to keep them going even though Chess club doesn't have many people in it this club has kids in it and this is how some kids get to express them selves. We take pride in our students and this fundraiser will also help our Show Choir. This year we had 65 of our students take pride in them selves even though they maybe couldn't sing or dance they joined. There we 10 boys who were brave enough to join and all of them said they loved it and if they could join next year they would. Most people said that when they go to show choir they don't feel like they are being judged. In our debate we will have two parts and Show choir will open up the first and second part and to end the first section 1 person from show choir and 1 person from choir will come out and talk about there experience in there club the speakers are Brianna Krysheski for show choir and Dominik Brown for chess club both people really like what they are in and said they will join next year. Plus they have been working very hard to recruit people. Please come and support us it will be $5 to enter.

School debate who is smarter 8th or &th grade

Friday, May 20th, 7-8:30pm

1217 Cardinal Lane

Green Bay, WI

$5 to get in this is not a online event it will be a great event the 2 top 7th grade house debate teams will face then the top 2 8th grade house will face then we will have the 2 guest speakers then intermission for 15 minutes then show choir will perform for the 2ed time and we will begin the number 1 7th grade house and the number 1 8th grade house face off and who ever wins will have there name on the plaque and will get a all expenses paid pizza party and each person can bring one friend.

The Agenda

7:00- Show Choir performed

7:05- 7th grade debate will start

7:35-8th grade debate will start

8:00- the guest speakers

8:05-8:10 intermission

8:10-8:30 7th vs 8th grade debate with a show choir performance

ISU Show Choir "Baby It's Cold Outside" 2012 Winter Showcase

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