prepare for a Hurricane

Hurricane clouds

  • Cumulonimbus clouds
  • Cirrus clouds

What to do if a Hurricane is happening!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shut all windows
  • Get to the basement where there is no windows fast!!!!
  • Make sure your whole family is with you!!

How a Hurricane starts!! step 1

Hurricanes are born over tropical seas,usually in the late summer and early fall along the eastern coast and north america and the Caribbean .

Step 2

Hurricanes need two fuels to start them and keep them going: moist air and heat. the ocean waters have been storing up heat all summer.

how do we measure a Hurricane?

We measure a Hurricane with a Saffir -Simpson Hurricane scale.

precautions for a Hurricane.

  • Pack a first aid kit.
  • close all windows .
  • get into cellar or basement

Cautions and Signs!!

  • You might see cumulonimbus or Cirrus clouds.
  • Cumulonimbus clouds are deep , broad based dark grey , massive clouds that spread into an anvil shape.
  • Cirrus clouds form when the air in the upper troposphere rise Sufficiantly to cause ice crystals to form.

Where Hurricanes form.

  • Hurricanes form over water !!!!!!!!!!!!!