Inca Inca!

By:Logan L

How did the Incas get theyre stone cut so precisly and could that be applied to our generation of construction?

I learned that the Incas where very known for their architecture, but what i didnt know was that the architecture that was made was made over a long period of timme but done very well. What i didnt know is that the Inca's had conquered alot of land and has ruled over much with their Empire so gignatic it was very good for the Incas. When the Incas made theyre stone they cut it precisly over time. It wasnt like a factory line like now. It was all hand made back then from scratch.

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The Incas also ruled over all of Machu Picchu and were very particular about what happened to the empire to make sure it would forever live (Basically that is what they thought....) They were really into are and building perfect statues and structures. Whenever they built theyre buildings they always made it so they were perfect and showing of the civilization