My Greece Experience

This is my first time traveling in a different country and it has been an incredible experience. Experiencing a different culture is something some people never get the opportunity to do. One thing that surprised me was how many people here speak English. In America I would say most people don't speak two languages, but here I have yet to find someone that can't at least understand English. Wednesday while we toured Athens you couldn't stand still for more then a couple minutes without peddlers coming up to you asking for money. Unless you live in a major city you don't see that in America as much. Another observation that I made is their seems to be no road laws here at least not very strict ones. People fly down the roads and don't acknowledge pedestrians. These are just a few of the differences I've noticed. One thing that blew my mind was how many stray dogs and cats there are, and the Greeks take care of them. In America you just don't see strays because of the humane society. Over all I have noticed Greeks are very intentional people. This experience has been incredible and I can't wait to see more of the culture and for my world view to be challenged.