Talent Management: What's New?

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2016 Everyone!

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TM Baezzz <3 Thank you for an amazing conference and all your kind words!

Get ready for lot's o' thoughts comin' your way! There's a bunch of important things in this newsletter and it's the first one of the year so grab a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy!

Global Leader as a Program

Yep, that's right! Global Leader will be run as a program moving forward - just like GC or GT. That means it has a measure of success, a minimum set of standards, and ways to track and analyze performance. There's a purpose and objective of the program as well. There's also a way that we do it, so it we know the how.

The great thing is, we already have everything at our fingertips. Check out this brief explanation of the global leader program HERE. And very simply, look to the AIESEC Way.

Key things to note are the leadership development defining elements (the 12 statements under the 4 qualities), the inner and outer journey, and team standards.

Read on to learn more about Global Leader & Talent Management!

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Phase 1: Talent Capacity & Planning

What is Talent Capacity and how does it fit into the functions of TM?

Talent Capacity is comprised of the local committee structures, the talent plans and allocations of members with proper roles and responsibilities, and the talent acquisition through a form of recruitment.

These functions are important to do before we get too far ahead on learning and development and operations. If we don't do these things before the year starts or before we start training people we would be essentially putting sprinkles on s*** and thinking that it's ice cream.

We can believe our L&D (learning & development) is amazing but the truth is, if it's not supporting a structure and roles that allow us to send more people abroad and develop our members then we are getting ahead of ourselves. We've got to make the ice cream first.

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Check out the picture below - this is what is in the planning & tracking tool that you are all supposed to fill out for SONA and it should give you a good idea of how to begin talent planning step by step.

Ask your LCP if you can't find it :)

My suggestions for a TM team are as follows:

  • New Expansions - no need for a VP TM or TM team, the LCP can take care of everything since the LC will be so small
  • Previously Existing Expansions - depending on the size of your LC, the LCP could still take care of everything, but if its larger then just having a VP TM but no team is a possibility
  • <30 Exchanges/1-2 Exchange Programs - a single VP TM or 1-2 other people on the team but keeping it small will help to focus your efforts and streamline TM operations
  • 30-50 Exchanges/2-3 Exchange Programs - a VP TM and 2-3 other people on the team to help focus per program
  • >50 Exchanges/3-4 Exchange Programs - a VP TM and 2-4 other people on the team to ensure each of the programs is taken care of

The main focuses for a TM team is to manage the Global Leader program, which means ensuring the leadership development of every member and team leader in the four qualities by guiding them through the inner and outer journey and providing the Team Standards.

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Phase 2: Attraction


Attraction VS. Acquisition: Think not only about promotion but think about what is the best way for us to find and GET members who are passionate, value driven, and ready to develop themselves.

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What are the best promotion/acquisition methods?

  1. Email all EPs you sent abroad this winter or last summer
  2. Talk to your close friends
  3. Email Global Leader applicants from previous semesters (you can find them HERE - there are several new ones that trickled in after recruitment was finished)
  4. Talk to your classmates that you think have the strengths that fit with your open positions
  5. Do a classroom shout in front of the whole class
  6. Have a table at a campus-organized organization fair (if there are people already there it's much better than just a random table somewhere)

Where should I be sending students to apply to the Global Leader Program?


Please only use the link above to direct people to apply - this way we can track traffic through the website and gather data from the applications. It messes with the SEO on the national level as well and hurts our reach over all if we don't use the same links and websites.

How should I be marketing/branding Global Leader?

Review the branding guidelines and ensure that you stick with graphics and images that are in line with the program and its purpose.

You can use the materials from the fall as well so that you don't have to waste time creating new ones. But the best way to advertise is by using your own personal story/journey of your Global Leader experience. If you were at WNC, you'll remember how we talked a lot about stories and telling our own with great conviction - that's what hooks people in. Showcasing is also one of the most effective marketing techniques there is.

Share your story as much as you can and the stories of your LC as well. Tell stories of how you experienced the inner and outer journey and how you developed in the four leadership development qualities.

Who should be doing recruitment?

My suggestion is that OC does it. But if that will not work, then TM should work on head hunting people along with the VPs. Marketing should NOT be doing recruitment. They should be focusing on Global Citizen & Global Talent recruiting.

If you include the LC, do it in a very strategic way. Don't have people waste time tabling and having to commit to extra time and for responsibilities they didn't sign up for in their JDs. Have them reach out to classmates or do a shout out during their class time. Or have them reach out to their close friends. They'll be happier to do it in spaces where they're already doing something.

Phase 3: Consideration


How do you do interview and select your Global Leaders? Is it the best way it can be done?

Your interviews should focus on the strengths of each candidate and be values based - similar to previous semesters.

But here's an innovative thought to put in your minds...

What if they tried us out, instead of us testing them?

We might have to prove ourselves a little more, be more productive and higher performing than we ever have before in the first 30 days. We might have to step up our LCM game and our functional training game, as well as our general operations.


What should your members be inducted on?

  • The history of AIESEC & AIESEC US
  • The AIESEC Way
  • AIESEC's Structure
  • The flow of an AIESEC experience
  • Exchange and why we do it

Mind you, this is general induction - each member needs to be inducted/transitioned/trained on their functional role within their teams so that they can start performing within the first week.

Remember, LEAD isn't obvious, it's simply ingrained into each touchpoint and experience so incorporate the leadership development defining elements, GLE, and Inner & Outer Journey throughout the experience - it's not enough to just tell them about it.

Here's another question to make you think: what if people were trained by shadowing and learning by doing (because our current members are already capable of performing and showing new members how to do what needs to be done and there's already things to work on)?

Check out some resources on HappyFox!


Did you know that you can request a trainer from another LC to deliver your induction for you? You can also request them for other trainings as well.

Coaching in Spring 2016

This Spring there will not be an NST. What does that mean?... I will be coaching you all!

I will be working with clusters of you that have similar realities so that we can really elevate those groups and share GCPs with each other that truly fit and help your realities. The groups are as follows:

  • Appalachian, Austin, SLO, NYC
  • Georgia (UGA), Madison, Seattle, Yale
  • Chapel Hill, Illinois, Michigan, Northwestern
  • Cornell, Indiana, San Jose, Texas A&M
  • Boston, Denver, Georgia Tech, Miami
  • Arizona State, Eau Claire, Mizzou, Washington DC
  • Colorado, Georgia State, Houston, Purdue
  • Dallas, Davis, Milwaukee, Ohio University
  • Miami Ohio, Ohio State, San Diego, UCLA, USC

We'll aim to have calls together in those groups as much as possible - otherwise I will send out available times for booking calls with me.

What to Focus On in the 1st 30 Days

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Look familiar? You may have seen this awhile ago but I think its really relevant now too. I believe we would be providing much stronger experiences for the Global Leader program and also enabling us to send more students abroad.

Instead of just training every member as if they were new, we could be transitioning our current members and training them to be able to do the job they applied for from day one - and in a way that develops them in the 4 qualities.

Recruitment is important to fill talent gaps but we cannot forget about the talent we already have. They might even be more important.

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Email me if you have any questions at natalier@aiesecus.org!