Josue Brizuela

Future Music Educator and Performer

A Stroll in the park...

Hi im Josue my life is made up of three things my music, friends, and my family. i have lived a most calm life just strolling trough the meadows of time.

Old friends

me and my old friends just hanging around in gorgia choir trip


this is my kitty Jinx

Josue Brizuela

I am an 18 years old i was born in hialeah florida, i am the youngest in my family and also the first to go to a university. I am a music ed and vocal performance double major studying currently at Baldwin Wallace university. I am a friendly person, I do the best I can to get a long with everyone, I love music of course along with all the other fine arts (literature, art, music ect..). I look forward to my Years B.W and I am proud to be a yellow jacket in the conservatory of music!