Tears of a Tiger

By: Sharon Draper

Read the best book ever!

Have you ever wanted to read the best book ever, well then this is the book for you! This book is one of extreme curiosity. It draws the reader in with it's excellent beginning. It's about a group of friends, each with their own problems, but it really kicks off when a major incident occurs and one of the teens involved in the inner circle gets killed. It then deals with that teen's family and friends on how to continue with life as normal. It is really a great book, especially for those interested in African-american culture and what we have to deal with in life.

It really gets better as the book goes on though. It's a really inspirational book that may shock many readers. One of my favorite quotes from the book is when the main character, Andy, says, "It seems like being dead is the only way to feel alive again." I honestly don't think any amount of praise could do this book it's real glory. My final conclusion and thoughts about the book are that it is a masterpiece and it really the best book I've ever read and I definitely think anyone who's interested should pick this book up.

About the author, Sharon M. Draper

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Luis Reviews "Tears of a Tiger" by Sharon M. Draper

Commonly asked questions

Many people ask why I should I read this book, What makes this book different than other drama titles, Why is this book considered so special, but every question goes back to one simple answer...the book is unique in how it's told. It honestly make you emotional and even feel as if your in the shoes of the protagonist.