Great Depression

by: Angela

The stock market crash

The start of the Great Depression... When the stock market crashed, the world feel into a deep depression. People's money that was stored in the bank, well they couldn't get it back. So people had to work for money, but the problem was no one was buying. Also because of the Great depression A LOT of people lost there jobs. :(

Leaders during the Great Depression....

There was one very important leader during the Great Depression. His name was Herbert Hoover. During this time he was the president of our country. He tried a lot of things too try to get the country out of the Great Depression. But unfortunately they didn't work.

Dust bowl...

When this started everyone thought we would not recover from the Great Depression. Well, the dust bowl started. The dust bowl was when all this dust was flying around hurting and sometimes killing people. The dust got in peoples homes, it was outside, and it ruined things.

The end of the Great Depression...

World War II Stared later in the years. After the war was over. Things changed, since we were selling weapons we got a lot of money. Soon food went into stores, the dust had cleared out, and then people were earning money again. That was the end of the Great Depression! :D
This is a picture of the Dust Bowl.
This is a picture of people during the Great Depression.