Columbus day should be celebrated

Cesar Sosa

About Columbus

Columbus day has been a holiday ever since Franklin Roosevelt made it into one in 1934. Columbus had alot of people looking up to him because of his traits. He sought glory, wealth and a title of nobility. He believed he could achieve this by opening new trade routes from china japan. He proved the fact that the world is not in fact flat by traveling west. He is one of the most famous explorers in today's history.

Reason #1

In 1934 Christopher Columbus was proclaimed as a national holiday by Franklin Roosevelt, the president at the time. its tradition that we celebrate Columbus day every single year. We've been celebrating it for 78 years; we shouldn't end this tradition becuase a couple of people think he was involved with the violence of the natives on the land he discovered. Causing violence was never his intention. He was a great explorer who discovered the american continental coast.
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Reason #2

Columbus day should not be abolished because it is a big holiday for the Italian heritage, 26 million Italians. He did not introduce slavery whats so ever. he had some good morals for someone that lived 500 years ago. His goals were to discover new land, and in the process he discovered even more than that. Those who blame Columbus only blame Columbus, just because he discovered the land doesnt mean he started genocide. My final thoughts are that it would be foolish to abolish Columbus day because he was a great explorer and we would have to go to school Monday.
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