Kicked Out

By Beth Goobie

Kicked Out By Beth Goobie

In Kicked Out By Beth Goobie Dime the main character loves riding on the back of Gabe's Kawasaki Ninja, knowing that because he likes her all the kids at school think she's something special expect Gabe's ex-girlfriend who wants to fight her.Nothing is right however, including her relationship with Gabe.She cant talk to her parents they only yell and scream, and Dime feels no love for them or from them.But Darren, Dime's quadriplegic brother, understands, and he asks her to move in with him.It is with Darren's love and patience that Dime begins to accept the fact that she is a person of value ,and knowledge changes her life.
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Who would i recommend to read this book ?

I recommend Teenagers & Young Youth to read this book.