Fun Facts about my birthday

Victoria Rivera

Event that happened on my birthday

1953 - 50th World Series sees NY Yankees beat Dodgers, 4 games to 2, as Billy Martin's hits record; Yanks win record 5th consec WS

Top song hits and the artist during

Breathe-- Faith Hill

Smooth-- Santana

Maria Maria-- Santana

I Wanna Know-- Joe

Everything You Want-- Vertical Horizon

Say My Name-- Destiny's Child

I Knew I Loved You-- Savage Garden

Amazed-- Lonestar

Bent-- Matchbox 20

He Wasn't Man Enough-- Toni Braxton

President the year you were born.

Jimmy Carter

How old I am

Im 4570 years old on October.5th

Day of the week I was born

I was born on a Thursday , Thursday's child has far to go

A famous person who shares my birthday