Phonics Learning in 1/2 Lester

Learning to read and spell is lots of fun!

What is Phonics? Why do we need to learn it?

Phonics is an understanding of the relationship between letters and sounds. It is a fundamental building block in learning how to read.

The students in 1/2 Lester participate in weekly phonics sessions where they have the opportunity to practise important single sounds, blends and digraphs that are fundamental in spelling and decoding when reading.

In addition to improving spelling and reading results, the implementation of phonics programs supports the development of vocabulary in students, hence developing oral and written skills.

What do the students do?

Following an explicit teaching introduction to weekly focus sounds, the students take part in four activities which allow them to hear, identify and manipulate phonemes (units of sound). Two activities are independent and two are teacher guided. We are lucky enough to have the support of our Literacy support teacher, Ms Stiles during this time.

Activities include matching, bingo, memory, brainstorming, interactive computer programs and making up real and nonsense words. Students have enjoyed working in small groups and learning from each other. They have also been enthusiastic to use the mini whiteboards and take more ownership over their own learning in this time.

Throughout the week students have opportunities to consolidate their learning through other spelling and reading activities.