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Celebrate America!

Submit your hours!

Do you volunteer in your community? Teach Sunday school at church? How about visiting homebound elders? We need your hours!

Don't forget to tally your Celebrate America! hours for submission. Not only does our chapter earn points for your great deeds, but it shows the state and national society just how amazing Ten O'clock Line Daughters are!

Keep in mind that only community service outside of DAR work counts toward our totals.

Ask yourself: Does the service benefit someone in the community or the community at large? Is the action one that is visible in the community? Is the action one that benefits those outside of a member’s family in any way? If so, then yes, it is community service!

Does the service only benefit the chapter or its members -- such as the completion of application papers, genealogical records transcription, general DAR work, etc.? Is the action one that benefits a member’s family in any way? If so, then it is not community service.

Contact your chapter regent for a form (hardcopy & electronic are available) to submit your hours!

Our Amazing Daughters

Congratulations, Jane!

Our very own Ten O'clock Line Daughter, Jane Schoon was awarded a blue ribbon at the Morgan County Fair for her oil painting. Great job, Jane!

Continental Congress 2014

A big thank you to Daughters Janice Bolinger and Stephanie Resler for representing our chapter at Continental Congress in June. Both ladies served the society and our chapter honorably!

Patriot's Corner

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George Baker

George Baker was born October 14, 1759 in Granville County, North Carolina.

He enlisted in the army of the United States in May of 1776 for the term of two years and six months in the Continental Line, Sixth Regiment, under the command of Colonel Livingston, serving in a company commanded by Captain John Baptist Ash. He served briefly, until he became ill and was sent home, where he remained until spring of 1777…when he rejoined the army. In August of the same year, he was discharged at Guilford County, NC, once again ill.

After a short recuperation, he again volunteered for 40 days this time, marching to Salem for the purpose of fighting the Scotch at Crop Creek. Upon arrival at Crop Creek, his company was turned away, as Roswell’s Army had already taken the victory.

In November of 1780, he answered the call again, this time for the term of three months, serving under Colonel Joseph Phillips. He acted as Ensign and later Captain in the company, marching from Willkes County to Charlotte, to Anson Court House and from there to Sallsberry Court House in the state of North Carolina and from there, to a place called Horsepasters in the state of Virginia before returning home. Upon his return home, in 1781 he was discharged again.

Not to be held down, he volunteered for three months, taking part in scouting parties under the command of Captain Robert Coyl and Captain Robert King in the Haltson River, NC area. These scouting parties served the purpose of preventing the Indians from doing mischief to the white people.

Around the time of General Cornwallis surrender, he spent a month serving on a scouting party under the command of Captain Andrew Baker to prevent Tories from doing any mischief in Wilkes County.

He married Susannah Morris on August 29, 1778 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. They had 10 children. They came to Morgan County in 1827. George Baker died May 13, 1841.

George Baker’s Ten O’clock descendants are Debbie Bolinger, Janice Enk, Amy Uebel, and Audrey Meyers.

Staying Connected

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Upcoming Events

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September Chapter Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 16th, 6pm

900 Indianapolis Rd

Mooresville, IN

"Palatines to America" by Sharon Kennedy

Hostesses: Angela Payne, Vickie Clark

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