Colleges and helpful Facts

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Us. News Education East carolina

This is a site to help me with college and to do to get me there or to get into. Information i need to know about that college

This will be helpful if i wanna go there and i need to look up information

Nc State University

This is to go to find out everything about this college

This could help me to see if it had the career i wanna go into and what i am looking for in a college, has everything you need on this website

Campbell University

This has good information for what you can look for in a college

This a very good site to see if this college will fit you, or if it has the major you wanna take.

More Help

University of North Carolina Wilmington

This has every information you need to know about UNCW

This could help me if i was interested and i needed to know more things about the college.

University of North Carolina Pembroke

This has everything you need and even more

This could help me by getting help on what i want and need to know to be able to prepare myself for college.