Queen Nefertiti

The Mystery Queen Of Egypt...

About Nefertiti..

She was born C. 1340 B.C.E. in Thebes, Egypt, and continued to be an Egyptian Queen. She was the wife of King Akenhaten. Some people believed Nefertiti was Egyptian blood, others believed she was a foreign princess. Nefertiti was the niece, or daughter, of Ay, and she married Amenhotep IV at the age of 15! Nefertiti had 6 daughters and 'maybe' 1 son. Workers were digging down and struck something, they dug around it and it appeared to be Nefertiti's Limestone Bust!!

What They Found On Her Bust..

Her eyes were made out of crystals, and she was wearing a crown that was the symbol of Egyptian royalty!! The ancient name, 'Nefertiti' means "The beautiful one has come". Her mother's name was 'Tiy' and she was the royal nurse for the family of Amenhotep IV. But her mother was way more than a nurse. She and the Queen were very good friends, and they were both from poor families! Nefertiti died around, C. 1360 B.C.E.

Source: Nefertiti, The Mystery Queen. by: Burnham Holmes.


this is a picture of ancient Egypt in the past. it was really old!