January 5, 2016

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Upcoming Events



FEBRUARY 9th: Registration Opens to Currently Enrolled Families


We hope that all of our families had a fulfilling Christmas Break and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year 2016!

The Heights CDC staff has been hard at work today preparing for all classes to resume tomorrow, Wednesday, January 6th. We are very excited to see all of the kids back in the new year.

As everyone returns back to the daily routine, we want to remind you of a few policies that are commonly used. We will be making extended care reservations in accordance with our policy and want to remind you that email reservations are no longer accepted. We also remind you to familiarize yourself with our illness policies and to please follow them accordingly as we are in the middle of the season where illness is highly present. Also, always maintain a safe speed in our parking lots and help us to make our parking lots and carpool lane a CELL PHONE FREE ZONE. The safety and health of all of our students is the top priority of all of our staff, and we appreciate the parents who make this their top priority as well.

Please refer to our Parent Handbook for further information, or feel free to email us with any questions.


This is a good time to remind you that EVERY child, regardless of age, needs to have a change of clothes in their backpack at all times. It may be a good idea to check that extra outfit and make sure that it is still a good size, as well as that it is weather appropriate. If you happened to have put it in at the beginning of the school year and not used it yet, it may not still fit or be warm enough.

Also, please make sure every child has weather-appropriate clothing and outerwear EVERY DAY. Always leave their coats, hats, mittens, etc, as we do go outside and play every day. There are times it may be for a shorter period, or it may just be to look at the weather and the changing seasons, but it is very important for all ages to try to get outside everyday.

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With the changing weather of our winter season, we thought it would be a great time to spotlight our Inclement Weather Policy as a reminder of "what do we do here at the CDC?" Please know that we will follow ALL decisions of Richardson Independent School District for school closings. RISD reports to all major news stations as well as will post on their website at www.risd.org.

As soon as a decision is made by Richardson ISD, we will do everything possible to try to communicate to you through all of our CDC communication methods ... by email, by our Remind text messaging service, by posting on our web page, by posting on our Facebook page, etc.

For any questions regarding our communication methods, please email Jennifer Poff at jpoff@theheights.org.


Registration is coming! Please mark your calendars and be thinking about what your plans for next school year will be. Registration for currently enrolled families will be held the week of February 9th. Our website will be updated just prior to this date with our approved rates for next year, however we do not anticipate any drastic changes in rates. Hopefully this information will be helpful to you in regards to budget planning as the registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Please watch your email and our website for more information on our registration process for this coming school year as it will be different from last year. We are working our best to try to streamline this process to make it as easy as possible and serve our families to the best of our ability.

If you know anyone interested in placing their children at The Heights CDC for next school year, please feel free to share the following dates with them:

February 16 - Registration opens to Members of The Heights Baptist Church

February 23 - Registration opens to the Community

When speaking to anyone regarding registering for our program, please refer them to our website for up to date information. Also, we encourage all new families to register as early as possible as our classes do fill up very quickly. We typically have very limited space available to new families.

Parent Resource ...

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