Operation Gratitude

Aquin's Veterans' Day Project

Project Extended 1 Day!

Due to the craziness of a Monday--and the lovely Veterans' Day snowfall--we are not packaging the items today. Therefore, you have an extra day to send in any donations that you may have forgotten or didn't have time to get over the weekend. Please have your donations at any of our 3 campuses by noon on Tuesday. The High School Campus will then package items during homeroom on Tuesday.

Thank you for your support of this project!

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Help Us Help Those Who Served

This year, Aquin Schools will be combining the power of all 3 campuses to give back to our veterans in recognition of Veterans' Day. We will be participating in 'Operation Gratitude', a national organization that sends care packages to those who serve or have served our country. There are many facets of this project and we hope that you are able to participate in some way--whether it is a donation of items or cash (for shipping costs), a letter or card to bring joy to the recipient of a care package, or prayers for our veterans and the packaging of many boxes for them.

'Operation Gratitude' has sent hundreds of thousands of Care Packages around the world since 2003. Their goal is simple: Smiles. And they are causing quite a few of them. Now it is time for you to help.

Following is our project timeline--which is very short--so start making your plan of contributions. There is a 'Wish List' below of the items that we are collecting by Monday, November 11. Then, on the 11th, students will be packaging the items so they can be sent to 'Operation Gratitude' where they will be put together in individual care boxes for our veterans.


Please contact your student's classroom teacher if you have questions about the project. Or, you may also contact laura.diemer@aquinschools.org.

We greatly thank you in advance for your support of this project!

Project Timeline

  • November 1-11: Donate 'Wish List' Items, Write Letters and Make Cards for Veterans
  • November 11: Jeans Day for Shipping Costs ($3 Grades 7-12, $1 for K-6, of course larger donations will be accepted)
  • November 11: Students Package Care Kits