Anne Franks life


HI! my name is Anne Frank. My birthday is June 12 the year is 1929. I am a jew and I went through really hard times when I was little. Mostly during world war2.I used to write in my diary all the time.

Birth and family

My b-day is1929 June 12th. I was born in Germany. My mother is Edith Frank she is just like my sister Margot quiet loyal. I am like my dad i was always a social butterfly and always energetic.I always got jealous because mother did not like me. She liked Margot way more than me. Then mother died in January. Then we started to have to start living in the attic and things went down real fast.


The reason we spent a lot of are time in the attic is because Hitler came to Germany to try to kill all of the Jews and I was a Jew. We did actually had fun up there, we played games and we had these helpers to help us.I kind of actually went to school before we had to be up in the attic. I got all a's except for math. I really did not like math. But like alwaysMargot got a's in everything.


I went to school a little bit for college to I got pretty good grades. I played games when I was in the attic. I would write really good story's then share them with my family all the time it was really really fun. The helpers would help me write story's.


I fought in the world war and I was the only girl who survived. My dad was really popular at the time. He was also really fun and nice. He would take me and my sister out to do stuff. I also was popular at the time because of my diary. I died in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, but not in the gas chambers. Emaciated, she had already lost her mother to starvation, her sister to typhus, but I was still popular. There was also a house called the Anne Frank house.

Anne Frank is a leader because....

She wrote a diary and talked about how she went through hard times and her life was hard and a lot of people read it and made people realize that when she was little we have a lot more stuff then they did.