Take a Peek into Room 404!

Week of September 2, 2013

Reader's Workshop

This week we really dive into metacognition... thinking about your own thinking. It is important for every reader to do this in order to grow as a reader. We will start with the "Reading Salad" (idea from Tanny McGregor). We will read a book and stop to think as often as we can. These readers need to realize that reading is actually more thinking than it is text. If we can get our kids to stop and think more often during their reading, they can be more successful readers.

Try to get your child thinking at home this week as they read! Have them stop to think as often as possible. They may ask questions, predict, retell what is happening in the story, think about characters and how they feel, connect to the book in some way... whatever way they want to think!

Writer's Workshop

This week we will build our Writer's Notebook! It is so exciting when a real writer gets a new idea for a story and the notebook will be our place to grow the story into a beautiful piece. This notebook represents the first stage of the writing process-planning. In the notebook, writers will list ideas and plan them in order for them to become drafts. We will keep our Heart Maps from last week in the notebook and continue to add to it as we go throughout the year. Check out some heart maps in progress below!

They hated to have to stop working on these last week!

Important Information

Monday is our first day of library! Our new librarian, Mrs. Jankowski, will refresh us on the library and let us check books. Library will be every Monday, so please bring your books then!

There is a PTO meeting this Thursday, September 5th at 12 noon in the library at PC.

Brown Bag #1 is this Friday, September 6th.