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All About Scams

Whats a scam?

A internet scams are like scams in real life. People who scam you trick you into giving them money or personal information. They're the thieves of the internet!
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Types of scams

There are many types of scams and they all have one thing in common..... Ruining you day!

I am here to tell you 4 of them. Okay so here's the first a lottery scam this scam sends you an email saying you won the lottery. It asks for your credit card and bam you just been scammed. The next is the stranded traveler this scam comes in an email. It looks likes its from a friend but it's not. They ask you to send them money and most people fall for this scam. Another on is the survey scam this scam asks you to take a survey. But while you're taking a quiz their downloading malware and other harmful viruses. The last one is the quiz scam this scam is much like the survey scam but instead of a survey its a quiz.


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