Interesting Wild Cats

cats are fun, but outdoor cats are fun to learn about.


Caracals are one of the wild cats. They can jump high to catch prey in the air. They mostly eat a diet of turkeys. Caracals can also eat small rodents. They are canivores. That means they eat meat and not plants. They live in Africa and Asia. Some hunters hunt them for hides.

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Tigers are big and ferocious beasts that have black and orange stripes. They prey on big and little animals. They travel on there own to get food and shelter. They are halfway nocturnal, that means they are like house cats. They have there instincts at night more often.


Cheetahs are the fastest mammal in the world. They can run 70 mph. There diet is feasting on Gazelles, Zebras, and Giraffe. They can glare out the sun with black markings by there eyes. They can have three cubs at a time. Cheetah cubs