European Wild Boar

By: Sami M. and Sophia M.

All about the European Wild Boar...

The European Wild Boar is a nasty, disease full, dangerous creature. It is bulky, has black hair and it has dangerous two to five inch long tusks. It is native to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and Japan. It started invading Florida and 23 other states in 1539 brought by spanish explorers to be used as domestic pigs. It was also brought by people who wanted to hunt the European Wild Boars for a sport. The European Wild Boar weighs 90 to 700 pounds. It's height can be up to six feet.

Diseases that the European Wild Boar Carry...

They carry many diseases. One Disease is Pseudorabies which is fatal in panthers. Another is Swine Brucellosis which is fatal in people. Also, they carry trichinosis which is a foodborne disease caused by a parasitic worm that lodges into animal's muscle tissue. Some of the disease may be passed to humans who consume infected, undercooked meat which can be fatal if not treated. If you liked this than we got it from the link below.

European Wild Boars hurt the Environment...

The European Wild Boars hurt the environment. They root up vegetation. They also cause an estimated loss of 20,000 tons of sugarcane each year. When they are near a pond they tear up the water plants. Also they kill many native plants and dig up the ground for roots. Also, they happen to kill and eat small native animals, including endangered species. They eat the acorns that deer and turkey need for food. If you want to learn more look at the link below.

How Much Damage...

Since the European Wild Boar populates very quickly they can spread quickly and do lots of damage. They spread diseases, they hurt the environment and the food chain. With all of this damage some communities are very frightened.

European Wild Boar

Video Explanation...

In the video our interviewer was interviewing a European Wild Boar specialist. This specialist didn't want to get rid of the European Wild Boars she wanted to control the Wild Boar. That is why she wanted the government to spend one million dollars on the European Wild Boar, sure its easy to just kill the Wild Boar, but its not easy to control them without hurting them.

That is why you should spend the money on the European Wild Boar!

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