Moto Giant q Tip Fighting

By: James Haug

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What it is

What do you get when you mix freestyle motocross and giant q tip fighting? You get Moto Giant Q Tip Fighting.

How to play

You go off a 100 jump foot on a mini dirt bike and hit the other rider with a giant q tip and the first one to fall into the giant pool wins.

What you need

Dirt bike gear, Giant q tip, Mini dirt bike, 100 foot ramps, Shoulder pads, and a giant pool.


: No hitting below the belt

: No hitting the dirt bike

: Must have all of the gear

: No bailing off the bike

Main Goal

The main goal is to knock the other person off the bike in mid air then land the jump perfectly. But if you hit him off the bike and dont land the jump you only get one point.
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