Ccc Celebrates Fr Valery Akoh's First Mass on July 10th 2016

On behalf of the Cameroon Catholic Community Of Atlanta Pastoral Council, I would like to say “Thank you” all , for taking time out of your busy schedules, to join us celebrate this thanksgiving Mass of our son,brother, and friend Fr Valery Akoh. Indeed this is a great milestone in the history of our Community : having two priests of Cameroonian descendant in the Atlanta Archdiocese within eight years!!!

We appreciate how you responded so enthusiastically with your investment of time, prayers and gifts.Having your support and participation is priceless!

A celebration of this and other special days allows us the opportunity to come together as a collective whole and reminds us that we are a part of a great community and that enables us to build bridges between one another.

We express our sincere "Thank You to all the visiting Priests who made it possible for us to enjoy the colorful service today.

To Fr Valery, “Thank you” for laying down your life for Christ and his Church, for giving up your life to help us get through ours.Thank you for your obedience, for showing us what it means to submit.Thank you for the example you set to our sons of what it means to follow Christ.Thank you for preaching Christ to us, for accepting to bring Christ to us and for being Christ to us. Thank you for following him, never knowing where he will lead you.

We as a Christian community, promise to pray and support you every day as you begin your journey as a fisher of men. Please know that, whatever the world hurls at you, you are loved in return, by your flock and, most importantly, by your Shepherd.

Please join us every 3rd Sunday of the month at 2:30 pm at St Anthony of Padua for our monthly Cameroonian Mass. Come ready to join us thank and praise God, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries,graduations as well as any significant life changing event during our service!!!

You can visit us online @, and follow us on Facebook @

Pryde NdigwanChairman

CCC Pastoral Council

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