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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 2/12/16

This Week in PLCs and Faculty Meeting

This week, we have a faculty meeting scheduled for Tuesday at 3:00. This faculty meeting shouldn't last more than 30 minutes. We will meet in H8, Emily Fero's room

PLC time this week will be used for the faculty meeting that we were supposed to have last week. We will be discussing technology with the entire faculty in the media center.

Don't forget that your Midterm Progress Analysis packets are due to me by today. If you need the weekend to complete it, that's no problem. Just make sure I have it by Tuesday.

Emergency Drills

We have both a fire drill and a tunnel drill scheduled for this week. The tunnel drill is scheduled for Friday at 8:30. At this point, the tunnels are dry so that drill should take place as planned.

The fire drill is scheduled for Thursday at 9:05. However, we will monitor the weather closely and if the weather appears to be milder on a different day next week, we will move the drill to that day. As it stands right now, Friday is predicted to be almost 50 degrees, so we may end up moving the drill to Friday afternoon. Thank you for understanding and being flexible with this.

This Week's Commitee Meetings

This week, the following committees are meeting:

  • Safety Committee Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 will be rescheduled due to the conflict with the faculty meetings. New date will be determined soon.

If you have concerns that should be discussed through these committees, please seek out one of the committee members and share it with them so that they can bring it up at the meeting!

Building Project Update

Progress is moving along a little more slowly than we had hoped. The project manager confirmed that we are now about 2 weeks behind schedule in the band/choir area, 3 weeks behind schedule in the new gym, and 5 weeks behind schedule in the office areas. We tentatively were given new dates for moving in to these areas; keep in mind that this is subject to change as we get closer.

  • Mr. Scheck and Ms. Wentz should be able to move into their new classrooms beginning March 15.
  • Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Bules will be able to move into their new classrooms once Mr. Scheck and Ms. Wentz have moved out. Hopefully this will happen the week of March 15.
  • Mr. Spagna and Mrs. Karbler will be able to move out of their rooms and into the temporary rooms (H14 and H23) once Mrs. Barnes and Mrs. Bules are out. Again, hopefully this will happen the week of March 15.
  • Elementary offices will be complete on March 21. High school office will be relocated to temporary space after this date.
  • The new gym will be ready for use for PE classes and after school on March 28.

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

We've made it halfway through February without a snow day! Yay for a 3-day weekend!!!

Have A Suggestion?

Do you ever come up with an idea, but you're not sure if it's any good? Have you had an idea about a way something could be improved, but you're not sure how to suggest it? I have created an online ANONYMOUS suggestion box for anyone to use to make a suggestion, offer an idea, or voice a concern.

Use this link to submit your idea:

Please note that all suggestions will be read and considered, but circumstances may prevent implementation of some ideas.