Desk Top pc, Laptop, Smart Phone and Tablets!!!

Desk Top PC

This Pc is perfect for gamers, youtubers, and pretty much everone. This Pc is usually bigger than other computers because it has more hardrive. This computer has something called a tower inside it. A tower basicly saves all your photos, music and everything. a tower runs all the moniters and is pretty much athe brain of a computer. it is not very portable due to its size and capacity. A desk top Pc consists of a mouse, keyboard, a tower and a moniter.


This PC is perfect for business men and pretty much everyone. This pc is very portable and is practically a large phone, or is it?????? A pc has a lot of hard drive. The ram stores the Memory when using a computer but when you turn off a computer it takes the memory from the ram and puts it in the hardrive for longer term memory.


Tablets are good for kids and games, usually it is small and portable. A bit bigger then a phone. The touch screen is heat sensed. It's pretty much the same as a laptop just a lot smaller and compact. you don't really use it for work as it is not as quick as a laptop and doesn't have as much data.

Smart phone

Phones are perfect for everything and everyone. They are very portable and the smallest out of the lot. Very good to stay in communication with everyone as they are very good for texting, calls, video calls and social media. Phones have the least data out of them all because there the smallest. Apple( the operating system) runs the phone.