Middle East Daily News

By Courtney Ullarich

Dancing Sand

Ergs are huge areas of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara. They cause many sand storms and dust storms. They also give people jobs by transportation. Animals also live close or in a erg. Animals that live here can be small like a slug or a big animal like a camel.

What Happen to my Goods?

Embargo is the order that restricts, prohits, or bans trade with another country.Embargo still affects our country today causing us to have bad trading skills when it comes time to trade. Every country has embargo. Having more embargo causes population decrease, starvation, unemployment, money loss, government shutdown, ect.

Where's the Clean Water?

Aquifer is an underground rock layer that water flows through. Today aquifers give fresh water to countries where cleanish water is not around. Southern parts of Russia, Northern parts of China, and all of South America have an aquifer. Aquifers sometimes get clogged with trash and junk, so that's why some places have rules or laws that you can't dump trash, junk, dirty water, food, toys, dead items, etc close by a aquifer.

The Suez Canal's History

The Suez Canal is one of the most important canals in the world. This canal cuts though a country to make it easier for the flow of sea trade. The Suez Canal was human made in 1941 because the ships captains were mad that they had to travel the long way.

Turkey's Turkish Life

Turkey is a country in the Middle East that is boarded by Syria, Iran, and Iraq. Turkey is also boarded by the Black Sea and the Medditerian Sea. Turkey has a population of about 71.2 million people today. Turkey people come from all over the world and speak many different lanauges, but their main lanauge is Turkish.

Israel's Middle Lives

Israel is also a country in the Middle East. Israel is boarded by Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. Israel also is boarded by only one large body of water, the Medditerrian Sea. Israel's climate is hot summers and mild winters. The people that live there mostly grow citrus fruits. By the people that live there I mean the 6.7 million Jews and 20% Arab people. Out of that, 90% live in urban areas.