Trust really matters

Cyle Burris

When it first started going wrong

A couple of years ago I ran into the problem of my parents divorcing. There were some years when he would come pick us up and we would spend the weekends with him but one day after he dropped us off it seemed like something was different. He reacted a different way when we said bye to him. That next weekend we were waiting for him to come and pick us up and he never showed. The next weekend we waited didn’t show again and we tried calling him and tried to go see him. My Dads mom said that he should have come and got us but he didn’t show and he lived only five minutes from his mother and there was only my older brother Ryan who live with him because he disliked our mother at the time answered the door and said that our dad should have showed but he didn’t. A couple of years later we went to go stay with our grandmother for her birthday and my dad was nowhere to be found. So as the years grew longer and longer I still to this day have not seen or had any contact to my father and ive gown up with a couple of father figures but they ended up leaving us just like my father except one and that is my uncle Charlie.

My Uncle Charlie

He has always been there for me sense my father left. he is the person if I need anything I can call him or he dues not that far from me. he has always done everything for me he takes me place I can stay with him anytime and he would do anything for me and he is one person I can trust the most. he also helped me get better at trusting people over the years.

Overcoming my father leaving

As the days goes by I wonder what it would be like to have my father in my life but it is also a good thing he is out of my life cause a child he thought me things I shouldn’t have known until an older age. If I could see him would more time the only thing I would ask him is why he left I have some understanding on why he left but I don’t want to go into the part of this story. I have learned not to be so dependent on other people because most of the time you need someone they are not always there and I learned that you always have yourself. Still to this day I have trust issues with older males because of my father but after a while I have out grown that I am getting better with trusting people but sometimes the thought of my father come back.

Its not about the years you live in life its the life you live in your years learn to let go and move on to

setting my goal to become a better person