Writing your Shadow Puppet Play

5th grade

Thinking about your shadow puppet play

This play was created by HTeNC 5th graders in 2014. Watch the plays....

What do you notice?

'The Ocean Disaster'. Shadow puppet play, High Tech Elementary North County. 5th grade. 11/20/14.

Pair-share with a neighbor

What did you notice about....

  • characters?
  • setting?
  • problem?
  • solution?
  • plot/actions?

Big image

How did it look? How did it sound?

  • Could you hear and understand the performers?
  • Could you see their hands?
  • Were the puppets too big, too small, or just right?
  • Was the plot easy to understand?
  • Is there anything else you'd like to share?

'Monsters vs. Marshmallows': HteNC 5th grade shadow puppet play 2014

Now watch this play. What do you notice?
Monsters vs. Marshmallows: shadow puppet play. High Tech Elementary North County. 11/20/14

Critique: warm and cool

Hand out post-it notes (two colors! One for warm, one for cool). Collect and read.


  • Plays should be 6 minutes or less. (The play you just watched was 4 minutes long).
  • You should pre-record all the audio (narration + acting) using a MacBook and GarageBand.
  • Each person can make one or two puppets.
  • Your audience will be kindergarteners. Make a puppet show appropriate for your audience.


Next steps:

  • Cut all puppets
  • test puppets on screen: enlarge if necessary
  • rehearse
  • record narration