Computer Hardware


Hard Drive

 Was Introduced on September 13 1956...  Is the main storage device for computers which stores everything permenantly... There is a hard drive (HD or HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) in every standard computer to store data -documents, pictures, music etc. SSD flash drives are more faster than USB or HDD and most Macs have them now. Hard drives are a plate that keeps spinning whilst everything is saving/booting etc. However, SSD also can save data whilst there is no power present.

Optical Drives

Optical disc drives uses laser light to get the information from the DVD/CD. They get recorded information e.g. movies, songs, files. DVD and CD are mostly used for media purposes where the provider records the movie/music and the consumer uses it. Discs can only hold a small amount of information. A standard DVD holds 4.7gigabytes. It's cheaper and easier to mass produce DVDs instead of recording each one individually. Optical discs can also be used to back up small amounts of data, however since 2011, you could back up hundreds of gigabytes more. However, it is less practical than using small amounts.


Moniters display information e.g. images, animations, graphs and charts etc. There are different types of moniter with different sizes and retina displays. Also, moniters have side buttons where you can put it to sleep, adjust brightness/volume and other main stuff. Without moniters, we would not be able to see all the pictures, animations and other information. Now a days, most moniters are Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) Thin Film Transitors (TFT). These types of moniters are only inches deep, giving richer more quality images whlist some of the old 30cm deep screens e.g. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) are less vibrant.

Input/Output Devices

Input devices are devices that insert data inside computer while output devices recieve data from computers. Some input devices are USB, Flash Drives, SD cards, and keyboards. Output devices are printers, which recieves information to print, moniters are also output devices. Many other output devices are speakers, some types of printers being Laser printers which are quite expensive to buy and run but produce a high quality output and are quiet and fast, Ink-jet printers  that offer black and white or colour printing with reduced levels of quality and speed. Colour ink jet printers are cheaper to buy than colour laser printers. Dot matrix printers that are not so common today. They are comparatively noisy and low quality but are cheap to run and are used when carbon copies or duplicates need to be made, such as for wage slips. Also, they are useful in dirty environments such as a garage because they are much sturdier than the other two types of printer.

Touch Screens

Touch screens have really thin screen to give more quality images. Users can use fingers, stylus, or specially coated gloves to interact with the device. Some devices that use touch screens are smartboards, smart phones, androids, tablets, cameras etc. The media industry also started producing more touch screen products so consumers can have more fast, intuitive, and interactive products, leaving behind tedious mouses and keyboards.