How Do They Contribute

How do They Help?

The Rainforest make up 7% of the worlds surface. They also help us to breath because it makes up 20% of the air we breath. Without the Rainforest we would also not have a subtle anti cancer fighting plant named periwinkle only found in Rainforest

What Do They Provide

How Do They Empack our World

They give us 20% of the oxygen we breathe, they also give us 25% of medicine we use today. The Rainforest is also filled with Natives that need the Rainforest to shelter and provide for them, they also know many heroes found in the forest for healing. They Rainforest also holds up to about 1,000 different animals found just there. Many of which are endangered, that also makes it illegal to destroy or build on their habitat. Then why do we destroy the Rainforest when they give us so much, some to even keep us alive? We can stop the destruction if we find the problem and stop the deforestation, to help maintain them for future generations to come.

Did you know

The largest Rainforest is the Amazon in South America.

1/2 of the worlds living species live there.

There are 700 trees every 25 acres.

We only know how to use 1% of the plant found there.

There are 18,000 bug species every 2.5 acres

1/5 of the worlds fresh water comes from the Rainforest

This is our project about the Rainforest

Autum Underwood

Courtney Coker

Gustavo Jusino

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1) 8/10 knew what a Rainforest was

2) 4/10 knew the largest Rainforest was

3) 4/10 said the Amazon

4) 7/10 knew what animals are I the rainforest

5) 2/10 knew what animals are endangered in the rainforest

6) 3/10 knew how much oxygen we get from the rainforest

7) 2/10 knew how many medicines come from the rainforest

8) 4/10 knew what a shaman was

9) 8/10 knew the rainforest was being destroyed

10)6 said Passion flower ; 4 choose Cat Claw