Carl Jung... More Like Carl Jungle

Because consciousness is a JUNGLE of archetypes!!

Carl is a "glasses on the forehead" type of guy.

Mr. Jung is famous for his work on the "collective unconscious" which contains memories of all of mankind. These are known as archetypes. Making it easier to understand... archetypes are "stereotypes" of human nature so to speak. They come from the collective unconscious and are only recognized when they are in action. Crazy, right?

Are you an Extrovert? Introvert? You aren't either without Jung!

The classic introvert vs extrovert concept was all Jung's making. Basically, the introvert likes being alone more than they like being in crowds and groups of people while the extrovert has opposite tastes.

Hey, what's your personality type?

I'm sure you've gotten this question before... all thanks to Jung! The one and only Carl Gustav Jung insisted that everyone's personality type was based off of 3 preferences. A person is either Extraverted or Intraverted, has a Sensing or Intuition perception, and lean more towards thinking or feeling. Alas, your personality is divided into 3 letters.