Mrs. Moore's 3rd Grade Music

Lesson for Mrs. Hoggatt's Class

Lesson Objective

Time: 1 minute

Students will be able to identify instruments by picture and sound.


This lesson should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.


Time: 3 minutes

Today we will be identifying instrument by looking at them and listening to them and their different groups. There are 4 different groups of instruments based upon how the instrument makes sound or how it is played. Does it use wood? Does it use brass? Do you beat it to make sound? Does it have strings?

Instruction - Please watch the video below.

Time: 15 minutes
Strings and Woodwinds with Sounds
Brass and Percussion with sounds


Time: 6 minutes
Instrument Listening Activity


Time: 5 minutes

Please pull out the Music Assessment paper from your packet. Follow the instructions on the paper. Please make sure to turn your paper in to Mrs. Hoggatt when you are finished.

John Williams Conducts The Main Theme From Star Wars

When you turn in your paper you are done with the Music portion of your lessons.


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Mrs. Moore's Electronic Office Hours

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