By Gary Paulsen

Survival Pack.

After the tornado, Brian sees the tail of the plane. He automatically thinks about the survival pack inside. He's had quite a rough time surviving as he only has a hatchet. So, he starts planing his 'trip' to get the survival pack. He can only imagine the amazing treasures inside. After a day of planning, he finally decides to go for it. Brian has to go through layers and layers of metals and wires until he finally gets into the plane. Once he's in the plane, Brian looks for the pack. Moving his arms and legs around feeling for the fabric, he finally feels it. Quickly grabbing it, he gets out of the plane and is gasping for air. When he opens it he finds a sleeping bag, a cooking set, a riffle, and food packets.

Summary of The Book!

On his way to see his dad in Canada, Brian flies in a single engine plane. On the way, his pilot dies of a heart attack. Brian has to take over and ends up crashing the plane. He has to survive with only the hatchet his mom gave him and his wilderness skills. Will Brian survive the harshness of Canada's forest?