Quoi de neuf à ÉPK?

Week of March 18 to 2 1

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This week is International French Language and Francophonie Week!

Did you know that on Wednesday March 20, French speakers around the world celebrate the French language in all its diversity. At École ÉPK, everyday with week will include a special activity to celebrate the fact that we are all learning French. On Monday, we will gather to kick off the week with an assembly. Then, student will decorate a paper T-Shirt that illustrates something in French. On Tuesday, all classes will pair up with another to read in French with a friend. On Wednesday, students will gather in the gym before lunch to sing French songs. Finally on Thursday afternoon, we will all gather in the gym to watch a movie in French. You are welcome to join us!

Events of the Week

Monday: Morning assembly to launch the beginning of ''La semaine de la francophonie''

Tuesday: 3-Way Conferences

Wednesday: Gathering to sing French Songs in the Gym / 3-Way Conferences

Thursday: Viewing of a French movie in the gym

Friday: Day in Lieu/No School and beginning of Spring Break

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A message from your principal

Good afternoon ÉPK families!

We look forward to seeing you all this week during our 3-Way Conferences. If you have not yet booked a time to visit with your child's teacher, please call the school tomorrow and book a time with our school secretary.

Also remember to take some time to visit our Book Fair this week. Reading at home with your child is the best way to accompany them in their academic progress, whether it is in French or English!

Have a blessed week,

Mme Lafrance


Thank you so much for all your help raising money for Valeda House through our Read-A-Thon!

Our Leadership Team will continue to collect the money raised this week. So far, they have counted almost $2000.00 in donations! What a wonderful gift to the women in need at Valeda House!

Many Blessings for your generosity!

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OLPH Church News - Please note!

CONFIRMATION: To accommodate for the open house at St. Theresa School on Monday, March 18th a make-up session for those parents who chose the 3 evening option for their Confirmation retreat has been added. The make-up session will be on Monday, April 8th from 6:30pm-8:00pm.

OLPH Parish Connection

Grade One students showing off their 'magic' frogs as they learned about balancing weights.

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