Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley

by Andres Morales

What components made Elvis so appealing in his time?

Elvis took the originally African American styles of music and made it his own. The music was upbeat and happy and appealed to many teens of that time.
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How did Elvis change Rock and Roll forever?

Elvis was the one that “made rock ’n’ roll the international language of pop.’’ (According to the Rolling Stones) Elvis spread rock ’n’ roll across the nation. During Elvis’ time, rock ’n’ roll was just beginning to take off. He took the beats that were becoming popular and gave people a face to make famous
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Roots of Rock and Roll

Rock ’n’ Roll originated in the United States in the 1940’s and 1950’s. It began as a blend of “race” music and “hillbilly” music. This brought the attention of other cultural music to the American public. It also combined aspects of jazz and blues. It helped bring different American cultures together.
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Top Songs

  • That’s alright
  • Mystery train
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • Jailhouse Rock

What makes his music popular today?

His music is popular today because the generation that listened to him as teenagers are now parents. While they are raising their children they play music that they like to listen to. This makes the children grow to like the same music as their parents. Elvis’ music set the pace for modern music, so many people still appreciate where the music was inspired from.
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Timeline of career

  • 1946- Elvis gets his first guitar.
  • 1948- Elvis moves to Memphis.
  • 1953- Elvis records his first two songs with the Memphis Recording Service.
  • 1956- Elvis signs with RCA.
  • 1957- Elvis makes third and final appearance.
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