Funky Digital Photo BootCamp 4 Kidz

All you need is a camera!

Join our digital photography boot camp and enter our competition!

One day is all it takes to learn the basic skills needed to take good quality photographs.

To put it simply, photography is visual poetry!

Photographs express something about who we are. They allow us to look closely at the world and capture fleeting moments, feelings and glimpses of the world. They remind us of our memories and feelings. For young people, photographs offer a personal and alternative way of recording learning and experiences that other forms of communication lack. And most of all, photography is fun!

So what is involved?

Primary children love our boot camp because it is fun!

What else do you need to know?

Our boot camp is unique. We think it is affordable at the reasonable price of £400 for the day. You can be reassured that it has been tried and tested on children in Wigan with feedback that they learn lots of new things and that it is

  • fun
  • funky
  • enjoyable

Smithills ICT Consultancy Ltd

Please contact us to request further details and book on to our boot camp - we will be only too pleased to discuss how we can work with you.