Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 35 News/Updates "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!"

Things to remember: Be Inspired By Your Students! Be Inspired By Your Peers! Find Your Inner Inspiration! Know That You Have Been Tasked With A Massive Job! Take Comfort In The Fact That YOU Have and Are Capable Of Completing That Task! YOU Are The Difference Makers!

Check out this video of some of Allyson Chambers 3rd graders at Corning. They are telling me why they are ready for TCAP! Hmmm, I wonder how and why your students know they are ready!!!

TCAP Ready CAES 3rd Grade April 24 2015

Next Week: Monday's Final Push "Get Creative"

It's really easy to subconsciously add unnecessary pressure and stress to yourself and to your students. Beware the added pressure and stress on students! Some will crack under pressure, so find a way to review Monday that gets the job done but is fun.

Examples: (Have TONS of prizes on hand Monday:-)

  • Matching games for each standard, students can work in teams and be timed
  • Math Jeopardy, you can find powerpoints online for every skill/domain
  • Measurement Tasks, have students measure random things in the room and compare sizes, time them to see which group completes the most the fastest
  • Fact Fluency Competitions
  • Fraction Concept Competitions
  • Competitions, Competitions, Competitions, and TEAM Work!
  • Vocabulary Games, Guess that Operation Games, Tell Me How You Know Games
  • Be hands on and interactive with them Monday! Put the laptops away:-)